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Certified High Performance Coaching

(Coaching Program)

The same curriculum used with fortune 50 CEOs, Olympians, and major global celebrities like Oprah and Usher. (Satisfaction rating of 9.7 out of 10)

CHPC is not your typical coaching program. The outcome is to help you reach heightened & sustained levels of performance in all areas of your life. Each session has a set of specific questions, and a training component where I teach you a new habit, tool or concept to further your education and growth in that area. In short, the program provides a true roadmap for progress that allows you to consistently feel that each session is adding value and advancing your life towards success.

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Elite Mentorship Forum

(Intense Interactive Group Online Course)

The most successful personal development & transformation program.

EMF is a guided intense & interactive 6-month online group program that offers a safe and supportive environment ideal for creating lasting change. The outcome is to help you uncover hidden beliefs, patterns & emotional blocks that have brought you to where you are today. But the truth is, what gets you from A to B doesn't get you from B to C. You will discover how to tackle limiting thinking, and replace it with empowering new habits so you can charge forward, towards your dream life.

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Elite Mentorship Forum - Lite Experience

(Solo Online Course Sample)

Six months sound too intense for you right now?    Start here.

The EMF Lite Experience is a compilation of a few of the best insights, learnings and exercises. The program is strategically designed for the biggest impact to your life for the small price paid, while giving a good overview of the transformational power of the full EMF program.

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