The Elite Mentorship Forum (EMF) Lite Experience is a self-paced, easy to engage online course delivering a never-to-be-forgotten taste of transformation. It gives you a few of the key tools to create the reality and life that you have always wished for. 

This EMF-Lite Experience is developed specifically to provide a 'taste' of the full EMF program, created by Peter Sage - A leading world authority on effective personal transformation. It therefore includes parts of two of the most effective modules from the foundational Phase One of the three-phase EMF program. Wealth & Abundance and Mastering Emotions. These impactful modules have been especially chosen due to their proven significant and powerful transformational influence on participant's lives. In addition, three extra sections have been included providing a further 160 minutes of content where this version of the EMF Modules were introduced.

The full EMF program covers everything needed to create long-lasting transformational change beyond what you ever thought was possible. It has a way of providing exactly what it is you seek; whether financial security, absolute certainty, core strength, inner peace, unconditional love, better health, relationship assurance, emotional mastery, advanced learning techniques or simply a better way; it supplies the key to understanding how to live a truly empowered life.

The Elite Mentorship Forum is unique and completely different to anything else available within the personal growth industry. The evident passion with which this innovative program was created comes across in every module. It creates a whole new dimension and understanding of how to create the results you want and covers topics that other programs don't include or address.

Elite Mentorship Forum Lite Experience Includes the Following

Module 1 - Introduction (40 minutes)

In this powerful introduction module, you will learn that knowing and not doing is the same as not knowing. The missing piece is 'I am not navigating my inner world in a way that allows me to express the skills or knowledge I have in order to get the life I want.'

The Introduction Module:

- The difference between self-help and shelf-help

- The world is drowning in information but what most people are looking for is transformation

- Leveraging our power by learning how the brain processes information

- Creating an intention and purpose

NOTE: There is a 20 page workbook to make your experience even better and to deepen the learning. (The full EMF program has a 224+ page workbook.)

Module 2 - Wealth & Abundance (75 minutes)

Money is one of three non-negotiable games in life, and in this module you are given the tools and a comprehensive framework allowing you to learn how to play it. A powerful practical strategy is provided to allow you to easily generate both wealth & abundance.

The Wealth & Abundance Module:

- Addresses shifting the blocks most people have when it comes to understanding money

- Uncovers our beliefs and expectations around money, and where they come from

- Critically identifies what prevents wealth and abundance from showing up in our lives.

We learn how the quantum field can help us in this game and what happens if we shift our identity around money. The module contains an incredibly profound exercise which dissects our implanted convictions in relation to money and explains how to create the circle of Abundance with 'Arigato.'

Module 3 - Mastering Emotions (185 minutes)

Mastering our emotional response to every situation is the one, major skill that is paramount to learn over and above any other.

The Mastering Emotions Module:

- Catch and identify when an emotional response is triggered

- Understand exactly what is occurring within our brain and our body

- Introduce a means of dealing with the reactions we then present

- Teaches us how to sit with the emotion until it neutralizes or turns to JOY.

- How to install and activate a new operating system in order to create lasting results for ourselves in overcoming unwanted recurring and debilitating emotions.

Many people, when confronted with continually triggering emotional situations react the same way again and again. What makes us react t his way? Why do we become a slave to these emotions? How can we control the way we react and how, more importantly, can we avoid escalating situations into events which we seem not able to control?

In short: How do we master our emotions instead of them mastering us?

 Mastering emotions is a key skill which has a cascading effect on many areas of our life. This module has a unique way to transcend the overwhelming number of negative feelings we frequently experience and transform them (or at least neutralize them) to ones of positivity.

Key Learnings Include:

* How you can be happy, no matter what, by distinguishing the cause of something versus the effect of something. This module includes an exercise in practicing how thoughts are causing your emotions and how these can be dealt with effectively - thus turning a negative emotion on its head

* How to hold the 'content' of our life. In other words, the context which we apply to the content of our life, will determine how we feel about our life. Some people are so comfortably addicted to (comfortable in their habit of) being unhappy, that they are happy being unhappy

* Understanding part of the secret to identifying when we are going into crisis, including an exercise for dealing, quickly and effectively, with the actual physical pain often suffered whilst in this state of stress

* How the emotional attachment to the thought is what keeps us back in the thought, not the thought itself

Who do we affect with our thoughts? It is NEVER the people we are thinking about. We can only affect ourselves, which means we have the power of choice, to choose what we wish to think.

The second part of this module video moves on to deal with questions from the audience of the 'Two Days with Peter Sage' event, where Peter explains about:

* Graduation Events

* Basic Life Tests 

* How 'Theory doesn't cover the price of admission to the highest levels of consciousness.'

Module 4 - BONUS: Seven Card Exercise (55 minutes)

The Seven Card Exercise is something that is only taught in live events and is not even a part of the full program. This exercise creates and opportunity to look at beliefs which were created and have developed since early life.

Many of the patterns which we currently exhibit are adopted from childhood. As we go through life, we are unaware that we are building belief systems and adopting behaviors in response to significant emotional events.

These beliefs and behaviors then become our personality (personal reality) which are then projected through all areas of your life. 

The exercise will:

* Identify positive and negative character traits of authoritative/parental figures

* Identify what you wanted most as a child and didn't receive enough of

* Identify the negative feelings created as a child and your major experienced childhood frustrations

* Ascertain the way you reacted to the major frustrations

By identifying these patterns we can establish where they turn up in our life and what troubles us about them; allowing us to determine what we wanted when we were younger, what emotions/wants were created in us and how we responded if we did not have those needs met.

This eventually allows us to identify the reasons behind childhood learned beliefs, which no longer serve us, and allows us to dissolve them.

Module 5 - BONUS I AM Workshop (55 minutes)

The bonus I AM workshop is an extraordinary opportunity to work on our identity, to work on who we are at our core. As we learn, our identity is nonphysical, so the most powerful force in the human character is to be in alignment with the sense of who 'I am.' 

This workshop will establish how:

* Our various identities affect our energy

* Our identities govern how we operate in different arenas of life

* Identities can be likened to a change of clothes

* Understanding the most powerful force in our human personality is governed by how we see ourselves.

So how do we choose our identity?

We all have identities that are either given to us or which we have adopted due to influence by society. It is much more powerful if we consciously choose our own identity.

In this workshop, you will create your personal empowering identity statement, your I AM statement in the following stages:

- The incredible power of identity

- Why most people have a limited sense of their identity

- Our different identities

- How to choose our identity

- What an identity statement is

- How to build an identity statement

Subsequently, you will be shown how to embody this identity so that every cell in your body feels and lives it by saying it out loud with absolute certainty. 

Module 6 - BONUS: Q&A and Discussion with Peter (40 minutes)

If you can see the sense of choosing a friendly universe where everything happens effortlessly through you, in flow and can come from a feeling of gratitude. The EMF Lite Experience is likely to be an experience that you will never forget and which may just take you on your very own transformational journey.



Practical application of the learning from each module, ensuring the mixture of methods and tools provided are integrated into your everyday life, guarantees that your life will transform and change for the better.

While the full EMF program is facilitated by a highly trained knowledgeable facilitator within a supportive peer group, the concept of the EMF Lite Experience has structure and content specifically designed to set you up for success and get a real taste of the full EMF program.



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