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Welcome eLovated life creator,

Whether it was in a job or relationship, I’d always considered myself a chameleon; proud that I could adapt to my surroundings and fit in anywhere with anyone. It took me as far as people-pleasing can take someone. But when you tie your identity to external experiences, expectations, relationships and what my peer Peter Sage calls GOOP (the good opinion of other people), then your identity is really just as transient as that fleeting moment. You are unsure of yourself, your strengths, your choices and actions. You live in a perpetual state of self-doubt. And after years of trying to mold myself to what I thought everyone around me wanted, I realized I’d lost sight who I was and what I stood for.  

Here are a few things I realized on my journey to find myself:

- Everything is temporary and the only person guaranteed to be with me my entire life, is me. So I needed to start loving myself & paying attention to my needs. I needed to start living to make myself proud!

- We are all on a unique journey and the answers on how to proceed are within. I needed to trust myself & start listening to my voice. I needed to start looking internally for validation!

- If I spend my whole life following others, my life is limited by their restrictions. I needed to learn from others, but then step up as a leader, outside my comfort zone, and own my mission for growth & contribution!

My hope is that you will join me on this part of your journey! Allow me to guide you through this section of life, so you can catapult yourself to go even further!

Don’t just fit in. Stand out!

With love & gratitude,



An international coach, Katherine's mission is to help you empower your authentic self so you can
live an exciting, joyful & fulfilling life! One that's true to yourself; not based on the expectation of others. 
Katherine is certified in the following:

Certified Life Coach Institute: An International Coaching Federation (ICF) approved, 5-star, award-winning world-wide accredited institute.

Certified High Performance Coaching (CHPC): The highest-regarded coaching curriculum in the world. Across 100,000 3rd party rated sessions, the average client satisfaction rating is a 9.7 out of 10, the highest in the industry, ever. 

Elite Mentoriship Trainer: A trusted personal guide to lead you through the most successful personal development & transformation online program ever created.

When she is not busy coaching clients, she loves to travel, read, watch movies and go out dancing! She loves her simple New England life spent with close family, friends, her love - Joe, and their fur-babies.
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